COVID19 Sessions at different alert levels

What a weird world we are living in right now!

This page exists to give you the best idea possible about what we can achieve together at different alert levels. It is written in line with government regulations and currently reflects the rules under the traffic light system (will be changed if this changes!). Our absolute priority is to keep you and your family safe.

Health and Wellness - please let me know if anyone in your bubble has been unwell coming up to your session. I am very happy to reschedule due to sickness and will be doing so too if anyone in my bubble is unwell. Let's keep each other safe!

Cleaning between sessions - anything used in a session will be cleaned before another client is able to use it. There will be a maximum of one newborn studio session per day, to allow for cleaning between sessions.

Vaccinations - I have had all doses of the vaccine, and everyone else that lives under the roof of the home studio has also been double vaccinated.

Masks - I am more than happy to wear a mask if you would like me to (and will ask your preference when you arrive).

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