The Experience

You're expecting a new addition to the family. Or maybe, you're wanting to get together and celebrate the family you already have! It's time for a photo shoot. But how does it all work? What can you expect coming into your session?

1. The Preconsultation

What are we wanting to achieve?

You know you want to take some photos, but what exactly are you wanting to achieve with them?

The pre-consultation is where we get to talk about all the finer details that are really going to bring your photo experience to life. Locations, moods, looks and feels. Clothing choices, colours, whether we want to coordinate to create something for a special place in your home. We want to create something truely unique to you and your family.

You'll have the opportunity to do this via email, phone, or even in person where you'll be able to look at and handle a range of samples so you can get excited and begin to envision what you can physically walk away with at the end of the whole process.

Let us help bring your vision to life.


2. The Photo Shoot

Time to take some pictures!

The day has arrived. The nappy bag is packed, full of bottles and toys and snacks to feed a small army. The kids have been told that treats await for those who behave... including Dad, who's still a little nervous to get in front of the camera!

But let me assure you, photo shoots with Siobhan are nothing to stress over! A seasoned professional, you'll be assured from the moment you set foot in the studio or meet up at the park that you're in good hands. Crazy kids, shy parents, and poonamis - she's seen it all! All you have to do is relax, and watch the magic happen around you as she gently poses your new baby or chases the kids around pulling faces.

Indoor photo shoots take place in our home studio in Pt Chevalier - a space perfectly set up to be warm, perfectly lit for photos, and equipped with everything we may need during the session from coffee to board games for older siblings. Alternatively, we can head outside to one of Auckland's beautiful parks or beaches to let the kids play and capture their natural interactions.

3. The Big Reveal

Which photos will you love the most?

It's the moment you've been waiting for - the day you get to see the finished images!

2-3 weeks after your photo shoot, you will have the choice of either receiving an online gallery to choose from, or meeting up in person again for you to view and choose your images. We will have our range of samples available for you to see and touch and imagine how they could look with your photos.

During this appointment, we will help guide you into choosing what to purchase, based on what we spoke about during the pre-consultation and what will look beautiful in your home. Wall art, albums, prints and digitals will all be available, ready to customise to fit your needs.

4. The Final Delivery

Time to admire the final product!

Around three weeks after your reveal, you will receive an email or call - your artwork is ready to pick up. If you need help installing it, we can do this too!

And now, with everything proudly hanging on the wall or set out beautifully in an album, you get to enjoy looking back on that moment in time, something that will only become more precious as the kids grow up and the years go by.

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