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Happy birthday, little one!

Cake smash photography is a perfect way to celebrate your little one turning one. It's fun, a little messy, and totally brings out their little personalities.

You bring the cake (or we can arrange for one to be made for you), together we choose a theme, and then the fun begins. Choose to start off with some family photos, and after the cake smash itself we can even throw in a bubble bath for some squeaky clean fun to finish everything off.

Cake smash photography is the perfect compliment to newborn photography and sitter sessions, as comparing the sessions shows how quickly your baby has changed. 

baby boy cake smash photography auckland
baby boy bubble bath cake smash session
baby girl cake smash session

Choosing your cake smash theme

Whether you're looking for something full of colour and fun or something a little more simple so little personalities can shine through, we have you covered! With a range of themed backdrops available and plenty of decorations, we will create something perfect for you. When you get in touch to book in, we will talk about your favourite colours and styles that you've seen and create something that you will love.

Looking for something extra special? If you get in touch in advance, we can organise a themed backdrop of your choice to be made especially for your session.

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Perfectly stylised with your taste in mind, this baby session is the full photography experience capturing milestones as your little one grows.

  • Sessions take approximately one hour
  • The whole family is welcome to get involved - we will take photos of your baby with parents and siblings and then alone for the actual smash
  • Use of props, studio wardrobe, and themed backdrops
  • Fully stylised to fit your taste
  • All chosen images in both colour and black and white

$150 Session fee + collections from $390

baby cake smash auckland
baby bubble bath cake smash
baby foot with icing
twins cake smash session
baby bath cake smash session auckland
baby girl cake smash auckland
cute baby laughing cake smash session
baby cake smash auckland
baby bath cake smash session auckland
baby cake smash auckland
cute baby photography by siobhan kelly photography
baby photograph by siobhan kelly photography
baby cake smash auckland
baby cake smash auckland
baby girl cake smash auckland
baby cake smash auckland
siblings cake smash session auckland
baby girl cake smash auckland

Auckland Cake Smash Photography FAQs

When should I book?

The best time to book a baby session with our Auckland cake smash photographer is within a couple of months of your baby's first birthday, to ensure we have space to fit you in. However, if this is a last minute decision, please do still get in touch - we will definitely try to fit you in where we can.

What if the baby doesn't want to touch the cake?

It happens! Each child has their own personality and we aren't going to force them to do something they don't want to do. In that case, we will take some photos of baby beside the cake, and then will focus on some lovely portraits of your baby by him or herself. We will do what we can though - sometimes all they want is a spoon!

How long do sessions take?

Cake smash sessions usually take somewhere around an hour. There will be plenty of time for changing, feeding, and set changes.

What can I expect during the session?

With over a decade of baby photography experience, here at Siobhan Kelly Photography we know what we doing and have a tried and tested workflow.

We always start with the clean photos! Parents and siblings are welcome to get involved here too, so bring something nice to wear. From here, we get baby changed for the cake smash and get the cake ready. Now it's time to smash it!

After the baby is done smashing the cake, we warm up some water in a cute little bathtub and get some more photos as baby gets clean.

If you decide that there are parts you're not keen on doing (like you don't want baby in the bath), that's totally fine! All sessions are personalised to what you want to achieve in your session.

When you book in with us, we will also send you a session guide, so you know exactly what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect.

I saw this photo with a prop I love...

Bowls, baskets, headbands, hats... if they belongs to the studio (most things do, unless they were brought in specifically by clients) - you're welcome to use them in your session too! Feel free to ask ahead of time and we can make sure to incorporate it in your cake smash photography session. Having said that, if you have anything special you'd like to include, feel free to bring it along too.

You do other types of photography too, right?

Sure do! If you're looking for any of the following, click on through -

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I still have a question!

We would love to answer it! To find out anything about our Auckland cake smash sessions or anything else we may be able to help with, please get in touch with us. We can't wait to meet you and your family!

-Siobhan Kelly, Auckland cake smash photographer 🙂

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